The initial meeting with the client consists of discussing the wording required, the style of lettering and the size, shape and type of stone that's suitable. No price estimate will be given at this stage.

Design & Estimate

After meeting the client I will send them a hand drawn, scaled down design and an estimate for the work. However, the estimate I give will be based on what was discussed at the initial meeting. If ideas change dramatically, then so will the estimate!

Once the design has been agreed upon by the client (or permission has been granted in the case of a Memorial), I will ask for 50% of the estimate so the stone can be ordered.

Carving & Completion

As soon as the stone arrives I'll draw the design onto the stone, ready to carve. Clients are welcome to visit at any time to see how their stone is progressing. If a client is unable to visit I'm happy to send photos by email or post.

When the stone is completed I will arrange a fixing date and I'll inform the client.


The balance is due once the stone has been installed. Payment is required within 30 days (I do not charge VAT).

Copyright of the design is owned by the artist.

Image Pippa carving the David Lloyd George plinth in Parliament Square
Pippa carving the David Lloyd George plinth in Parliament Square.